Giannelli offer some of the most advanced and attractive scooter exhausts on the market. Giannelli exhausts are a top European brand and VE (UK) are their 'Factory Appointed UK Distributor'. VE offer Giannelli systems for the majority of current scooters and many older scooters. When you buy a Giannelli scooter exhaust you buy a recognised name in performance exhausts.
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Shot V4

Shot exhausts are one of the top line of Giannelli exhausts for scooters. Shot
systems are specially developed to further enhance performance of tuned scooters. The Carbon fibre silencer is reversed. Shot systems are Road legal.




"Go" is the range of road legal exhausts for 50cc scooters produced for those wishing to replace the original system with a low-price exhaust with superior features. Go systems are road legal.



Extra V2

An high performance  exhaust, Extra boasts a really competitive price. The main chamber is hand-made and the inner perforated-cone structure. Road legal and dependent on machine, variator rollers are included in the fitting kit.




The Rekord is the new exhaust for scooters designed by Giannelli Silencers. Road legal, with hand-made main chamber.








Sprint road legal exhausts are manufactured to fit 100cc 2 stroke scooters. Made from steel and  painted black, with an aluminium silencer to give the final sporty look.





Designed to fit several Piaggio Maxi scooters, Freedom exhausts are light and reliable. Road legal, Freedom systems are painted black and are supplied with a brushed aluminium heat cover.






Scooterway exhausts are designed to fit 4 stroke scooters (125/150cc). The
special design of inner structure makes these exhausts lighter and better
performing than original systems. Road legal.



Freeway exhausts are the "old faithful" Giannelli systems for maxi scooters. Developed to ensure a better power and torque throughout the engine's range, Freeway exhausts are Road legal.





Iperscooter is the exhaust system developed by Giannelli to be used on maxi scooters, taking full advantage from experience Giannelli has made from sport bike exhaust systems. The exhaust is manufactured from stainless steel. Road legal.   


Giannelli’s new "G-4" exhaust system features a stainless steel silencer and header pipe,and are sold as a complete replacement exhaust system for the majority of popular Maxi Scooters ranging from 125cc to 400cc. The exhaust system weighs on average just 3.5kg, making a huge weight reduction possible when compared to the original exhaust, and in some cases this may be as much as 3kg.

In addition, the internals of the exhaust have been completely redesigned, as has the dB-killer to give optimum performance and reduced sound levels. 



 Classic Sports

The range of exhausts for the Classic Vespa scooters like the PX125, PK50, and PK125, designed for off road use only.

The “Classic Sports” exhaust is also available for the LML 125/150 4T scooters and is E marked.